Tiny God wants a Bigger World - made for Ludum Dare 23

You need Java installed to play this game.
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You are Tiny God, Lord of a Tiny World. But you want it to be bigger!
Create and modify land with left/right mouse buttons. If you create a good soil, after a while it will be covered in grass. After another while trees start to grow! Black dots are your followers. They cut down trees, When one of them collects 3 trees, he builds a statue for you. Statues (purple dots) allow you to create more land! (and can even increase your powers sometimes) But there are also evil beasts (red dots), which can destroy statues and eat humans.
Cover 50% of the world with land, before they kill all your followers!
(and remember that beasts move much slower in water...)

Created by @thotep (blog)
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This game requires Java.